How do I apply for a program?

First, make sure you are eligible by consulting the regulations of the program. Then, follow the next steps:
  1. Create your account: If it is not already done, create your account and log in.
  2. Set up your profile: Specify in your profile the program you wish to apply for (Update my profile> My personal information). This step is essential in order to access the application form.
  3. Apply to the program: From the program's call for application page (accessible from the world map, in the'National and Regional Programs' tab) click on the "Apply now" button. If this button is not available, this may be due to several reasons:
    • an application file is already open with your account
    • your account is not affiliated to the right program (refer to point 2.)
    • the call for applications is closed (please check the dates of the call for applications)

Please note that no form will be sent by e-mail.

Why I am not able to access the form, even though I am on the call for application page?

To access the application form and apply for a program, you must be logged into your account.

Once logged in, if you are unable to access the form, this can be explained by one of the reasons mentioned above (refer to the question "How do I apply for a program").

I have just submitted my application. How can I make sure it is well received ?

When you validate your application by clicking on the "Submit" button, you are sent back to your dashboard where a notification indicating "The application has been correctly registered" is displayed. At the same time, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the address [email protected].

Please note that this e-mail may arrive in your junk mail. We invite you to check this before contacting our technical teams.

Good to know: While waiting for our technical team to get back to you, if you do not find any confirmation e-mail, neither in your e-mail box nor in your junk mail, you can check if your application is submitted from your dashboard. If your application is still editable, it means that it has not been submitted. On the other hand, if the "Edit" button is no longer available, it means that your application has been submitted.

I have submitted my application, but I would like to make some changes. How can I do ?

Any submission of a file is definitive.
It is therefore very important to check that your file is complete and includes all the required documents before submitting it.
If you have any doubt, please use the "Save as draft" button to save your application as a draft before sending it definitively before the closing of the call for application.

I’ve lost my password, how can I access to the platform?

If you’ve lost your password, please click on "Log in", and then on « Forgot your password? ». You will be asked to enter your e-mail and the instructions to reset your password will be emailed to you.

Is there a way to change my personal information once I have completed the registration?

You can always change the content of your personal information. For this matter, click on the "Update your profile button" from your dashboard.

Will someone be available to assist me during the online application/nomination/review?

If you have any questions, click here to contact us.
Please carefully select the program for which you are requesting information, to ensure that the system forwards your request to the right team. Otherwise,we will unfortunately not be able to give you a prompt answer.

Example: if you have a question for the French program, select "France - National program" in the "Program related to your request" dropdown menu.