For Girls in Science

Call for applications For Girls in Science 2021

If you are over 15 years old, a high school student and interested in this unique experience, send your request for an invitation today using the contact form. Have you already received your personal invitation? Apply as soon as possible. By taking part in the program, you will be able to share great moments as a team around a scientific challenge and internship, and take part in inspiring meetings, exclusive visits to companies and museums.
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The world needs science and science needs women.

The L'Oréal Foundation is launching a new version of its For Girls in Science programme designed to encourage secondary school girls from the second year of secondary school onwards to take up scientific careers. The For Girls in Science programme offers selected high school girls a support programme throughout the school year, with participation in a scientific challenge, a scientific trip and inspiring meetings, cultural outings and visits to companies. Individual academic support will also be offered according to the needs of the students to reinforce their potential.

Do you know that...

... the management of cardiovascular disease in women is less effective? ...women are less well protected against road accidents? ... several drugs in the United States had to be withdrawn from the market because they had many more side effects in women than in men? designed to screen university applicants or work resumes favours mainly male applicants?