Brazil - 2021 Call for application

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Brazil - 2021 Call for application


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What are the key dates of the program?

  • March 8, 2021 Start of the call for application/nomination
  • June 14, 2021 Closing of the call for application/nomination
  • October 5, 2021 Candidates' final selection

Program Overview

  • Brazilian National Commission for UNESCO
  • Brazilian Academy of sciences
Award(s) of the Prize

7 annual endowments :

  • 4 in Life Sciences,
  • 1 in Physical Sciences,
  • 1 in Mathematics,
  • 1 in Chemistry
Amount per endowment
  • R$ 50,000 (15 858 $)
Main eligibility criteria
  • Doctoral Level (must have completed as of 01/01/2014, and, for women with one child, the term extends for another year and, for those who have two or more children, the term will be additional of two year ),
  • Life Science, Physical, Mathematics and Chemistry fields,
  • Carry out scientific work in Brazilian institutions,
  • Curriculum vitae updated on the Lattes Platform
Selection criteria
  • Scientific quality and impact of the research,
  • Previous researches developed by the candidate,
  • Candidate's independence/produtivity,
  • Potentiality success of the project
Initial launch date

Information document(s)

Rules and Regulations: Regulation For Women in Science 2021 (3)

Check below the rules and regulations of the program:

Rules and Regulations "For Women in Science" 2021

  1. Introduction

The L'Oréal-UNESCO-ABC Program "For Women in Science" aims to promote and encourage young Brazilian women in science by identifying and rewarding talented young scientists in the fields of Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematical Sciences and Chemical Sciences. In these areas there is a perceived gender imbalance among researchers and science needs women! The Program annually honors seven women for the quality of their research and encourages them to pursue brilliant careers in science anywhere in Brazil.

The Grants are awarded by L'Oréal Brasil, in partnership with UNESCO Brasil and the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC).

  1. About the Assistantships

2.1 The Fellowship Programme selects and supports quality scientific projects to be developed during 12 months in Brazil. The selected researchers must have developed research in Brazil in the last four years. In case of an extended visit to a foreign institution during this period, the researcher must have maintained scientific ties with a Brazilian institution.

2.2 The Program will select seven (7) female researchers.

2.3 The Assistantships will be awarded in the areas of Physical Sciences (one Fellowship); Life Sciences (Biomedical, Biological and Health Sciences; four Fellowships); Mathematical Sciences (one Fellowship); and Chemical Sciences (one Fellowship).

2.4 The value of each scholarship-aid is R$ 50,000.00 (fifty thousand reais) to be applied over twelve (12) months.

2.5 The Assistantships will be officially awarded to the selected researchers in October 2021, during a ceremony at a place and date to be announced.

  1. Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must meet the criteria specified below. An application that does not meet these criteria will not be considered.

3.1 Having completed the doctoral degree as of*:

- later than 01/01/2014 for women without children;

- after 01/01/2013 for women with only 1 child;

- after 01/01/2012 for women with 2 or more children

* PhD must have been completed prior to the start of application for the program.

3.2 Propose to conduct research in a Brazilian institution suitable for the development of the submitted project.

3.3 To be conducting research in the Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematics or Chemistry.

3.4 To have an updated résumé in the Lattes Platform.

  1. Application Form and Complementary Documents

4.1 The eligible candidate must fill out the data and include the documents below in the Application Form, available on the site as of March 09, 2021:

4.1.1 Completed Electronic Application Form;

4.1.2 Mini Summary and Practical and/or Theoretical Importance of the Research Project;

4.1.3 Statement of agreement from the national institution(s), where the research will be developed (documents scanned and attached electronically, in a single file in PDF format);

4.1.4 Research Project, including bibliographical references (maximum of four pages in A4 format, double-spaced, font Times New Roman, size 12, electronically attached in a single PDF file).

4.2 Each candidate may apply only once per edition, submitting only one Research Project.

4.3 Candidates from previous years who have not been awarded the Prize may submit their projects for further evaluation.

4.4 Paper applications will not be accepted. All entries must be registered on the program website by June 14, 2021 (tobe confirmed).

  1. Selection of Winners

5.1 The selection of the seven winning candidates will be made by a jury composed of 14 (fourteen) researchers, members of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC), a representative of L'Oréal Brazil, and a representative of UNESCO in Brazil, and will be chaired by the President of ABC. Its decision is final and unappealable, and cannot be contested or subject to explanations or justifications.

5.2 The jury will establish selection criteria involving the quality and impact of the project and the work previously developed by the candidate. Other characteristics may also be considered, such as the candidate's independence and potential to make the project a success.

5.3 The winners will be informed at the end of the selection process. The announcement will remain confidential until the date to be communicated by the Program organization.

  1. Responsibilities of the scholarship winners:

6.1 The selected researchers shall develop their Research Projects in Brazil, during the period of validity of the Grant-Aid (12 months).

6.2 Scientific publications related to the submitted project should include an acknowledgement to L'ORÉAL-UNESCO-ABC For Women in Science for the support received.

6.3 The selection for the Assistantship will be kept confidential until the date stipulated by the Program's organization. There should be no press or social media divulgation.

6.4 The winners must agree to be photographed, filmed and interviewed for purposes related to the For Women in Science Program. Photos, videos and texts will be used in publications and in audiovisual/social media, including, print, television, internet, corporate publications and exhibitions, among others. The winner's image may be used for promotion of Science. Winners will not receive compensation for this promotional activity.

6.5 Winners must notify L'Oréal and ABC in the event of a change of workplace, change of location where the research will be conducted, or withdrawal.

6.6 At the end of the two-year period, the selected researchers shall submit electronically to L'Oréal and ABC a report of no more than two pages, with a brief description of how the Financial Grant was applied and how it contributed to the research activities, to the progress of the scientific project and to the benefit of other researchers or the institution. Any publications related to the project must be attached.

6.7 L'Oréal and ABC encourage the selected researchers to develop, in the next two years, activities that encourage science in elementary / middle schools in order to arouse interest in research among young Brazilians. Suggested activities are: lectures, workshops, classes. It is requested that a report of these activities be sent electronically to L'Oréal and ABC.

6.8 The selected researchers must participate in the official ceremony and in events related to the Award that occur throughout the year.

  1. Provisional Timeline
  • Opening of registration: March 08, 2021.
    - Closing of registration: June 14, 2021 (to be confirmed).
    - Jury Selection: July 2021 (to be confirmed).
    - Winners announced: August 2021 (to be confirmed).
    - Ceremony: October 2021 (to be confirmed)

  1. Rules for the Use of the Financial Assistance

8.1 Use of the Prize money for the development of the research project submitted:

- Acquisition of consumable material;

- Acquisition of equipment

- Tickets and per diems for participation in conferences and short-term trips (scientific trips to laboratories located in Brazil or abroad);

- Tickets and per diems for visits (short term) of Brazilian or foreign researchers to the fellow's laboratory;

- Expenses related to field work;

- Any other expenses, the fellow must clarify any doubts with the person in charge at L`Oréal Brasil.

8.2 Accounts Reporting. After the use of resources, the fellow must send to L'Oréal Brasil:

- Forward the publications that resulted from the research developed. The article should give credit to the partial support of L`Oréal Brasil, with the partnership of ABC and UNESCO in Brazil;

- If the article is accepted, please send the preprint;

- If the article has not yet been accepted, send the preprint; If the article has not yet been accepted, send the preprint; If the article has not yet been published, send a scientific report (2 pages). Include data on the use of the grant to L'Oréal Brasil

  1. Frequently asked questions:

Some questions asked by winners over the years:

  1. a) Can I buy airline ticket to participate in congresses?
  2. b) Can I buy airline ticket to bring a visiting professor to collaborate on the project?
  3. c) Can airline tickets be purchased to make a scientific visit to develop the project?
  4. d) If the answer is yes above, is it necessary to have three quotes to buy the ticket? How does it work? No, three quotes are not necessary. You can buy the most convenient ticket, considering cost/benefit.
  5. e) Do you need to buy through a travel agency or can you buy directly with a credit card? As you find better cost/benefit.
  6. f) Can the ticket be paid in installments or must the purchase be made in cash? Consider the best cost/benefit.
  7. g) How do the daily rates work? Is there a table with daily rates? Or can it be reimbursed by the hotel, for example? Consider the best cost/benefit.
  8. h) Can you buy equipment? For example, can you buy a computer, a notebook? Yes, if it will help the development of your research.
  9. i) If yes, how does it work? Do you have to make three quotations? Does something have to be included in the bill? Can the purchase be made over the internet using a credit card? Can the purchase be made in installments? Consider the best cost/benefit.
  10. j) Can I use part of the resource to bring public school students to the university to talk about my research? For example, resource for buses in this case? No, this must be provided by the public school.
  11. k) Can I buy air conditioning for the laboratory? Yes, if it will help the development of your research.
  12. l) Can I put a down payment on an apartment? No, the award is for the development of your research.
  13. m) Can I buy a car with the prize? No.

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