Call for Applications: Indonesia - 2023 For Women In Science National Program

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Call for Applications: Indonesia - 2023 For Women In Science National Program

L'Oréal Indonesia together with the Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO (KNIU), the Ministry of Education and Culture once again held the L'Oréal - UNESCO For Women In Science (FWIS) program in the form of National Fellowships or research scholarships for four (4) young women researchers who have a doctoral/PhD education or are currently pursuing doctoral/PhD studies in the fields of Life Science and Non-Life Science (Physical Sciences, Material Science, Engineering, IT, Mathematics, etc.). This National Fellowship activity program is also held in order to
looking for candidates from Indonesia to have the opportunity to join the Rising Talents L'Oréal - UNESCO For Women in Science International Fellowship program at the international level.

Program Overview


Ministry of Education and Culture (Indonesian National Committee for UNESCO)

Award(s) of the Prize

The amount of funding for the awardees' proposals will be Rp100,000,000 (one hundred million rupiah) each for Life Sciences category winners (2 people) and Non-Life Sciences category winners (2 people).

Main eligibility criteria

1. A female young researcher/scientist of Indonesian nationality,
2. Maximum 40 years old on November 30, 2023,
3. Engaged in Life Sciences and Non-Life Sciences (Material Science, Earth Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, etc.),
4. Candidates must be eligible to enter the competition during their doctoral studies and/or have received a doctoral degree,
5. Awards are given to up to 4 women researchers to conduct further scientific research at universities or scientific institutions that can have a positive impact on Indonesia,
6. All applicants must submit the required documents on the official application website.

Initial launch date
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is For Women In Science (FWIS)?
    For Women in Science is an award given to talented young women researchers who dedicate their careers to developing scientific innovations and contributing to sustainable development and the advancement of society. Since 2004 the program has been run in Indonesia in partnership with the Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO, Ministry of Education and Culture with the aim of recognizing, encouraging, and supporting women in science.
  2. Why FWIS?
    Although many women scientists have led ground-breaking research in science, science is still male-dominated. Women make up only 29% of researchers worldwide, and their work is rarely properly recognized. Only 3% of science novels have ever been awarded to women.
  3. Why apply for FWIS?
    Not only do FWIS awardees receive Rp100 million in research funding, but year after year, FWIS awardees gain an extensive network of qualified researchers, not only with previous FWIS awardees, but also with leading researchers who serve as FWIS judges. In addition, awardees can also be promoted to the annual FWIS International event which competes for research funding of €40,000 each for 15 selected individuals.
  4. Who can apply?
    Women scientists who have worked in the fields of Life Sciences and Non-Life Sciences (Physical Sciences, Material Science, Engineering, IT, Mathematics, etc.), Indonesian citizenship, at least have a doctoral/PhD degree or are currently pursuing a doctoral/PhD degree and are a maximum of 40 years old on November 30, 2023.
  5. What support will L'Oréal provide to the winner?
    Each year, four selected scientists, consisting of 2 winners in Life Sciences and 2 winners in Non-Life Sciences, are awarded research funding that varies each year. In 2023, FWIS will award Rp100 million in research funding to each winner.
  6. Why only women?
    L'Oréal is committed to fully supporting gender equality. According to UNESCO, the percentage of female scientists in Indonesia has only reached 31%. Recognizing this, we want to support and encourage Indonesian women scientists to contribute to the nation through research in science.
  7. Why is the maximum age 40?
    FWIS Nasional is under the National Young Rising Talent program, which focuses on developing the potential of young researchers and scientists. We want to support young scientists to be able to contribute to the nation for years to come. Meanwhile, women scientists over the age of 40 can apply for the L'Oréal-UNESCO Laureats, also known as the Nobel Prize for women.
    In this event, leading women researchers can be nominated by their colleagues, or anyone who feels that the nominee is a researcher who deserves to be honored as Laureats. The five shortlisted Laureates will each be awarded €100,000 in research funding.
  8. What fields of science are eligible for FWIS?
    FWIS currently supports women scientists who are actively engaged in scientific research in Non-Life Sciences such as earth sciences, chemistry, materials science/materials engineering, physics, engineering, computer science as well as Life Sciences such as medicine, biodiversity science, and others. Fields can be multi-disciplinary but still related to natural sciences.
  9. Why are social sciences excluded?
    Given L'Oréal's history in the beauty industry, where products are based on science or natural sciences, L'Oréal was moved and chose to focus this fellowship specifically on young female researchers in natural science fields. This is in line with L'Oréal's expertise as a brand that integrates beauty and science. In addition, L'Oréal was also born from a chemist scientist named Eugène Schueller. To keep the spirit of Eugène Schueller alive, to this day L'Oréal focuses on science and beauty. Natural science is very close to L'Oréal's profile.
  10. What are the judging criteria?
    Our judges highly value the originality, comprehensiveness and innovation value of research proposals. A sharp problem statement to the innovative solutions proposed to solve the problem will make a research proposal stand out. Complete references, no plagiarism and meeting academic ethics are also very important. The research proposal is also expected to be useful for the advancement of science and humanity.

A consistent track record from the proposer also adds value. Everyone has different strengths that can be highlighted.

  1. What are the proposal submission requirements?
  2. Research Proposal - A complete description and title of the research to be submitted. English as the primary language of FWIS is preferred. The content of the research proposal is expected to follow the format:

1. Background

2. ProblemFormulation & Problem Statement

3. ResearchMethod/Approach

  1. Expected Results

III. Research BudgetEstimate - Details of the funds required by the candidate to carry out the proposed research, including conducting research for a period of approximately 6 (six) months to 1 (one) year.

(I, II and III in 1 pdf, limited to maximum of five (5) pages. References/Bibliography outside the provisions of limit page this page limit, so please add to in the pdf at the end)

  1. Proposal Attachments

1) Reference Letters - from research supervisors

2) Letter of Acceptance - from the supervisor in the laboratory that will be the place of research (if you will do research without going to a special lab / office, no need)

3) For those who are currently doctoral/PhD: proof of transcript. For those who are currently post-doc or have passed S3/PhD: proof of passing S3/PhD Degree.

4) CV/Resume & Motivation Letter

5) Certificates, Awards & copies of scientific journals - if any