Do you know that...

Did you know that the management of cardiovascular disease in women is less effective?

The known symptoms of heart attack (pain in the chest radiating to the left arm and jaw) are fairly specific to men. Nearly half of women experience shortness of breath, palpitations, fatigue and nausea instead, which has sometimes hindered/delayed their treatment.

Did you know that women are less well protected against road accidents?

In fact, most car manufacturers still produce cars based on crash-test data using only male dummies whose standard is 1.77 metres and 76 kg.

Did you know that several drugs in the United States had to be withdrawn from the market because they had far more side effects in women than in men?

This is because the dosages were calculated on the basis of male physiology only.

Did you know that software designed to screen university applicants or CVs in the workplace mainly favours male applicants?

Indeed, the developers of artificial intelligence software are 80% male and they integrate their own preconceived ideas into their lines of code.

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